Access the ASLV Bible in Your Favorite Messaging App

This project has been retired, and will no longer function on Telegram.

@ASLBibleBot is a chat based program that provides an easy way to find and share American Sign Language Bible passages within your favorite messaging apps. By simply mentioning the bot, you can search through the Scriptures and find the passage you would like to share. Once you select the passage, a link to the video for the passage is shared with your friends in the chat. Take a look at the Supported Apps section for more information on how to use the bot.

What is a Chat Bot?

A chat bot is an automated computer program that mimics a conversation with people in order to answer questions or perform tasks. With chat bots, users can share videos, pictures, and gifs with their friends, get the weather, keep up to date with the latest sports scores, and even order flowers directly in their favorite messenging app. Here is an example of ordering flowers in Facebook Messenger. Chat bots provide a convient way to access data where you need it most. Inside your conversations.

What is the ASLV Bible?

The ASLV Bible is a rich video based Bible that is signed using American Sign Language. American Sign Language, often abbreviated as ASL, is predominantly used in the United States and Canada. ASL is one of many different gesture based languages used around the world. The ASLV Bible is created by Deaf Missions and distributed by the Deaf Bible Society. It was created to offer the hope of Jesus Christ to the Deaf in the most dynamic way, in their heart sign language.

You will notice that the ASLV Bible is not complete. As you use @ASLBibleBot, you may encounter a book that has yet to be translated. Our bot will offer you an opportunity to share with your friends how they can help complete the translation. Please share it with your friends! If you would like to help out in the translation work, you can donate to the work of Deaf Missions.

Why has it been retired?

It breaks our heart to retire this project, but we have lost access to the ASLV Bible translation. Without access, this bot is unable to preform its core functionality.

Anything else?

We would also like to take a moment and mention the Digital Bible Platform developed by Faith Comes By Hearing. The Digital Bible Platform is an API that provides developers with an easy way to retrieve the Scripture within their applications. The @ASLBibleBot is powered by their API. We would not be able to provide you this resource without them. Thank You!

Supported Apps


A cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed!

In Telegram, you have 2 options for interacting with @ASLBibleBot:

Within Your Current Chat

If you want to share a Bible passage in ASLV with your friends, you can use @ASLBibleBot in the chat directly. (See the example to the right.) Here is how it works:

  • Open up the current chat, and type @ASLBibleBot in the message textarea. This will trigger the bot, and return all the passages for Matthew chapter 1.
  • Add a space, and type in the book of the Bible that you want to retrieve. @ASLBibleBot will return all the videos available for the first chapter of that book.
  • Add a space, and type in the chapter. @ASLBibleBot will now return all the videos available for the that chapter in that book.
  • Simply tap the verse you want, and @ASLBibleBot will add a link to the passage in your chat.

Chat Directly with @ASLBibleBot

In Telegram, you can initiate a chat with a bot, and send commands that are run directly in the conversation. Here is how you can start a chat with @ASLBibleBot:

  • Click on the search bar and enter @ASLBibleBot. Hit the "Search" button when you are ready to search.
  • Tap on the correct result, and you will enter a chat with @ASLBibleBot.
  • At the bottom of the chat window, click the "Start" button. @ASLBibleBot will greet you, and explain how to interact with it.
  • Simply send a message with a Bible reference, and @ASLBibleBot will retrieve a link to that passage.

@ASLBibleBot prefers Bible passages to be written in a specific format. The preferred format is:

[Book] [Chapter]:[Starting Verse]-[Ending Verse] (ie. John 3:15-17)

If you do not know the exact verses, @ASLBibleBot is more than happy to help you out. Simply enter the Bible book and chapter, and @ASLBibleBot will list out all available passages in that chapter.

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